May 30 2018

25th anniversary at Egils was a success!

Daos 25 Year

It was the perfect weekend – sunny and warm with a slight breeze. The camp was beautifully setup by our castellan Scott, and there was room for all 30+ people, their tents and dayshades. Friday night we hosted yet another successful Feast of Saint Randy, and many people from the populace came and visited with us! On Saturday we were visited by a roving court (if the Daos won’t go to court, then the court must come to Daos), then we hosted an extremely successful Inquisition Variety Gong Show, with over 100 people attending. A special Thank You to our amazing cast who really pulled out their ‘A-Game’, and thank you to Anton and Dorian who kept the comedy going during the transitions. On Sunday we initiated our newest household member, Sylva Ystalwyn (aka Kahlia), and finished off the day with the best potluck feast I have ever eaten! I swear, eventing with the Daos gets better and better every year!

Special congratulations go to:

Sylva Ystalwyn, our new household member
Stolly for ascending to Apostle
Brownyn for ascending to Disciple
Efa Ystalwyn for her Golden Torc award
Taliesin Ystalwyn for his Golden Torc award
Michael Sinclaire for his SCA awards: Friend of the Summits, Golden Torc, Bell & Chain
Eden the Mad for her SCA awards: Friend of the Summits, Golden Torc, Bell & Chain


I am really looking forward to the next Daos events!

Game of Thrones & Stormgods – highlights will include Feast of Saint Randy Appitizer Contest, and some new party games during the Stormdrunk competition

Bunghole – we’ve got plans, many plans

Autumn War – Red Molly the Black and her team have an amazing feast planned! There will also be combat for our new fighters. Yay!

- Eden the Mad, Grand Inquisitor

Nov 8 2017

Thanks for a great 2017 event season!


Now that we are full-on into fall, I thought it would be fun to recap some of the great moments from this last summer!

Egils 2017 – we had a fantasy feast and games (Drunken Goat Tavern) where we tried an experiment with gold coins that could be used for games, prizes, food and drink. Congratulations to our prize winner Aden, who was a sneaky ninja and stole everyone’s gold. We also had a skit-based Inquisition that totally lacked in puppets (will do better next year!). Overall, it was a fun event with a large attendance. Congratulations to Fisher who got too old to be a Minion and graduated to a Pilgrim, after drinking from the Minuglymug, and Connor for joining the ranks of the Minions. And Congratulations to Esther and Frank who became Disciples (‘more cowbell’ skit by Frank and Fisher was great!).

Stormgods 2017 – The household’s new favorite event was once again a blast! Our Feast of Saint Randy was promoted with the site and nearly everyone was there. It was a great Friday-night party. Saturday we played many MANY games, there was some heavy fighting, and NO ONE GOT SO DRUNK THEY BECAME THE NEXT DUKE OF HURL. Good going Daos! Also at this event Eleanor graduated from Minion to Pilgrim.

Bunghole 2017 – Our private household event was once again a blast! Thank you Sarah for organizing the fun and games. My favorite was XTREME XTREME bocce ball with added difficulty: POISON OAK (thankfully no one got it).

Autumn War 2017 – This event saw our newest fighters (William and Rhys) in armor and on the field where they did a very nice job of storming the castle. Unfortunately Rhys is our newest Marquis of Misfortune due to chink in his armor that lead to a broken collarbone. But like a true Viking Warrior, Rhys is already thinking of the wars he will fight in next year! At this event we also had a lovely feast thanks to Red Molly the Black!

Many Daos have attended events and functions outside of our ‘official’ ones and some more congratulations are in order:

  • Prophet Michael got an award from their majesties for wearing fancy garb
  • Eden the Mad got ANOTHER AoA (one for each registered SCA name!)
  • Scott got his AoA this year!
  • Anton won the Adiantum championship AND he got his AoA!
  • Connor won Youth Defender of Aquaterra!


Nice work everyone and Congratulations!

-Eden the Mad, Grand Inquisitor of Daos 2107-2018

Jun 9 2017

2017 Event Season is Underway

Phew! Egils was a busy event! We had feasts (plural!), an inquisition, a sneak-peak at the new Book of Daos, Minion Readings, new minions, ascensions, and lots and lots of Tablero. As your Grand Inquisitor, I wanted to congratulate everyone who finished their ascensions at Egils!

  • Esther presented to the household her beautiful “Daos Travesty” as an Artifact, and was promoted to Disciple.
  • Frank presented to the household his very annoying Cow Bell as an Artifact (and then did a lovely rendition of the SNL “More Cowbell Skit” with Fisher during a talent show), and was promoted to Disciple.
  • Connor and Daria successfully completed their scavenger hunt and were added to the ranks of Minion.
  • Fisher got too old to be a Minion and was promoted to Pilgrim (after drinking from the MinUglyMug)

Congratulations to all of you!

Up next is Stormgods and Game of Thrones, July 21-23 in Vancouver Washington. At that event we will be hosting an event-wide appetizer contest as part of our Feast of Saint Randy on Friday night and Saturday we will be joining in the event-wide Games and Drink station (this Grand Inquisitor really hopes that she does not get as drunk as last year). We will also have ANOTHER minion graduation on Saturday, as Eleanor just became too old to be a Minion. Who let our Minions grown up?!

-Eden the Mad, Grand Inquisitor of Daos

Sep 29 2016

Votes & Upcoming Book of Daos

Congratulations (?!) to Cardinal Sin’s officers for 2016/2017:

Eden the Mad – Grand Inquisitor
Irina – Chancellor
Abd al-Eren – Castellan

Officers, please select your sub-officers!

Hey members, Belsac is working on the 3rd revision of the Book of Daos. Want to get your (funny, not terribly long and easy to act out) stories into the newest book? Please send them to him before December.

Sep 29 2016

Welcome Traveler!

House Daos is generally described as a group of people whom like doing things together and are bound by activity, but not by politics, theology or law. We are women and men of characters. Some of us are parents, some of us are couples, all are individuals with a voice… often a vice, or device. Or two.

We write plays, play video games, play RPGs and board/card/dice games, invent games, share ideas, drink (copiously), we create costumes and events, go to conventions, throw (sometimes elaborate) parties, have house meetings, drink more, we time-travel, cook, invent, perform plays, act silly in public and privately, we discuss everything imaginable and pontificate on art, music and movies We’ve been known to ridicule people. We camp outdoors with SCA and by ourselves, we fence, playfight and occasionally ride on each others backs with squeaky weapons. We are comprised of artists, costumers, seamsters and seamstresses, musicians, performers, brewers, artisans, carpenters, painters, designers, programmers, engineers and I think we have an accountant.

We don’t LARP. We will never LARP. LARP is dumb.  Some do, however, drink Mt. Dew and cast Magic Missile into the darkness. Weekly.

We are located in the Pacific Northwest, Mainly in Portland, Oregon, though we have a few Northern members in Seattle, Washington and members down south in Medford, Oregon and LA, California.

Our mission? Some would say it’s to have a good time, and harm none. At least not permanently. Though a few of us have failed in that mission. With the scars to prove it.

Our quest? Some holy grail I imagine. I’ll raise the question at the next meeting.

We’re constantly in the process of updating the web site, some old things might be missing, some new things might be confusing.

Please report bugs in the comments here: BUG REPORTS. Thanks!

Interested in learning more? Contact your local representative or post a comment.

—Web Overlord.