Daos Gluckhaus

This game is quite new to House Daos, and we are still working out the best way to convert this into a drinking game. The below rules describe playing this game as a gambling game (of course, not for real money because we’d never condone such things… try perhaps rocks or chocolate or something).



The board has a total of 10 “rooms”, each sized large enough for coins or a shot glass. The traditional German version of this game had the rooms laid out like an Inn or hotel. The Daos version has them arrayed in the Daos Star.



Each player rolls two dice, acts according to the rules outlined below, then passes the dice to the next player.

1. On a roll of 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 or 11, the player places a coin on the board if that spot is empty, or takes the coin if it is occupied.

2. If the player rolls a 2, s/he has rolled the Anarchist and collects all the coins on the board, except for what lies on spot 7.

3. If the player rolls a 7, they are caught by the Inquisition and must pay a bribe of one coin, placed on spot 7. This builds up a treasure room only accessible by the Prophet.

4. If the player rolls a 4 they have seen the Ugly Mug and must make a contribution (give a coin to the player on their right).

5. If the player rolls a 12, s/he is the Prophet and wins all the coins on the board, ending the game.