Members – Oblates

An Oblate is a member of House Daos that is not actively participating with the Household.

House Blessing: •

Oblate  (7)

H.L. Don Armand de Castille / Cardinal Virtue   (aka Sam Y.)
Formerly: Prophet (7th: 2008-2010), Castellan, Quartermaster, Minister of War, Captain of the Prophet’s Guard
Initiation: An Tir/West War 2005

Arpad Baronspinner (aka Chris N.)
Formerly: • | Disciple | Aeon-Babylon Player

Buddah (aka David C.)
Formerly: Zealous Disciple

Benjamin the Biffy Bard (aka Ben)
Formerly: Disciple

Lee (aka Lee N.)
Formerly: Disciple | Chancellor, Aeon-Babylon Player

Maverick (aka Kelly C.)
Formerly: Disciple

Shara (aka Shara)
Formerly: Disciple


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