Founded in 1993 by a small tight-knit group of friends and blossoming into a community of many, we are a group of people closely related in common interests, thought and philosophies. From Medieval History to Futuristic Fiction, we span the ages in costume and camaraderie.

We participate as a household in the Society of Creative Anachronisms since our founding and have earned awards and recognition within An Tir, including Armigerous Group in 2003, Hearth of Hospitality in 2016, and Baron’s Favor (Stromgard) 2019. In An Tir’s OP we are Rank 4196.

House Daos members are also very active outside of the SCA events and attend science fiction conventions in the Pacific Northwestern United States as well as host several private events and parties throughout the year— some of the best (and most notorious) parties in Portland, Oregon.

To learn more about our group, please feel free to troll us read our mail explore our conversations with an open mind at the following locations:

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The early days:

Pictured, L-R: Uthyr, Eric, Jamie, Saint Rrrrrrandy

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