Favorite Memories of Brother Grimnir


Zealous Apostle Anton:

I weep great tears for you though I wish I could shed all the tears that you deserve.
Goodbye my friend and brother. The cloister is dimmed without you. From your thundering voice sprang many tales. Your powerful arms drove home many stakes that were driven too deep to pull. Though I know thy face did not always smile I cannot now picture it otherwise. Good night Brother Grimnir. May the Valkyries carry you home and keep you until we might all meet again.
Wielder of Balpeenjoir
Rest in Peace

Apostle Damon:

Kevin was always early to EVERYTHING. Even this….

Zealous Oracle Eden:

Back in… 2009? At The Grand Thing, we had left some inquisition “props” out on the table from the prior night’s fun, one of which was a giant purple double sided dildo. William, being a young lad, didn’t know what that was and innocently asked “what’s that purple…. thing on the table?”. We all traded guilty looks but it was too early to think straight. In stepped Kevin to the rescue “It’s a purple worm! And you aren’t supposed to be under the Big Top!” William, being more cornered with The Wrath of Grimnir than pursuing his worm-curiosity, left so we could hide the toys again.

Disciple Esther:

A favorite memory was Kevin’s extemporaneous tale of the “black dog of daos”. Tori was still a puppy and Frank and I were walking her around the camp and someone said, “look, it’s the black dog of daos!” so when we came back we told Kevin. And he waxed forth with wonderful descriptive phrases about the history and ancestry of Tori. Frank and I stood there is awe. It was wonderful, something about the depths of ancient Sumerian time, and on and on. We are so sorry we didn’t record it. Neither of us, nor Kevin, could remember how it went. Damn shame… it was like Kevin – epic.

Apostle Dorian:

My favorite memories were when he was alive and I could hug him and tell him I loved him. Damn it.

Zealous Apostle Devin:

I love that he visited me at home, one on one, just to talk sometimes. He would open up to me. Tell me how he really felt. Amongst his trademark grumblings was always a vein of a darkly amusing sense of humor about the shit life throws at us and a very, very Deep Heart that I could occasionally reach. I am confident that, though we could not all gather ’round him, he *knew* he had a tight-knit Fellowship of people who really loved him. Though I weep…in true Celtic Fashion, I Celebrate Kevin and all that he was and meant to me, and all of us. There are booze stains (purposely poured) on my patio tonight that will hopefully never be expunged.

Zealous Oracle Anne:

I remember during D&D an elaborate plan that went epically awry. Kevin rolled a 1 and immediately went into a stream of swearing that was at least 5 minutes of unrepeated high speed verbal brilliance. At the end, in the stunned and impressed silence, there was a whispered comment from Molly, ‘I want that as a ring tone.’ We all completely lost it laughing.

Apostle Sabastian (referencing Grimnir and the Irish Rogue):

I recall a Sea Dog one year….. The amount of slurring was exceptional that early early afternoon. But not nearly as exceptional as the brilliant red vomit reeking of some sort of whiskey/scotch/bourbon that followed.
Of course we couldn’t help ourselves and preceded to lay upon his defenseless giggling and threatening hulk.

Zealous Oracle Belsac (referencing Grimnir and the Irish Rogue):

Not on my lawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of my favorite memories (ok multiple memories of Kevin) is how he was able to string a story together out of nothing, how one small comment could turn into the most brilliant monologue keeping us all captivated around him…..

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