Kevin E. Rigdon Memorial

Aka Grimnir, Friar Grimm, Reverend Jimmy Lovejoy
December 13, 1969 – August 4, 2020
Pancreatic cancer may have taken you before your time brother, but we have so many amazing memories that you will always be with us.

  • “Founded the founder” – And thus it was in ancient times that Kevin, known in latter days as Grimnir, journeyed forth into the realms known as the Society for Creative Anachronism. And he entreated Paul to journey likewise. And after much imploring, at whiles Paul made his own journey, and became known (in)famously throughout the realms as Uthyr the Bastard. Uthyr drew many like-minded bastards and kindred spirits to himself, and said, “Behold, I have said, ‘You are like unto gods,’ ” and they were of one accord and the House Daos was formed.
  • Joined the household in 2007 along with Anne, Stolly and Tara, during Brew’s term as Prophet. Quickly rose the ranks to become a Zealous Apostle.
  • Offices held: Grand Inquisitor, Castellan, Inquisitor, Quartermaster, Aeon Babylon player and member of the Prophet’s Guard rapier company

Some of our favorite memories of Kevin

Kevin’s parts from Sound of Music | Video Portrait from 20 year | Sound of Daos | Kevin as a commentator for the Prophet’s Tablero Tourney



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