Randy Lee Prinslow Memorial Photo Gallery

R.I.P. Randy Lee Prinslow (1963-2005)

Add your remembrances below please.

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  • Eden Celeste Says:

    The very first Daos meeting I ever attended I knew absolutely no one. I remember sitting in Brew’s living room with these strange people who were talking about cheese hats, purple spooge, and their love of goats and feeling very out of my depth. Randy saw me sitting there, silently staring around in wide-eyed dismay and made sure to deliberately start including me in the conversation. “Hey Eden, you like goats, right?” – “Yes” – “Eden, do you think I should cover myself in chocolate pudding at the next Boogar?” – “Yes”. Stuff like that. By the end of the meeting Randy had dubbed me his “Yes girl”, which stuck for quite a long time. At least until the next Boogar event when he gave me my Boogar name of “Juicy Fruit”.

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