2014 Event Season is Here

We can’t believe that we are already fully into summer! Between medical issues, house sales, employment changes and family concerns our summer event season caught up to us when we weren’t looking! However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t prepared for it. For those wanting to know what we are up to our schedule of (remaining) events are:

  • July 4-6,  PAG/Eden’s July 4th Birthday Camping Trip (private household event)
  • July 18-20, Gypsy/SeaDog in Lebanon Oregon
  • August 8-10, Bunghole (private household event)
  • September 5-7, Acorn War in Newberg, Oregon

At Seadog we will be conducting our normal silly antics. Things you might expect: INQUISITIONS! PIRATES! GYPSIES! TABLERO!

For Acorn War we have decided to bring back The Cardinal’s Harvest Feast. More information is forthcoming as our feast-mistress, Red Molly the Black, works out the details.

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