Randy Lee Prinslow (1963-2005)

Rest In Peace Brother. We miss you.

Randy Lee Prinslow Febuary 27, 1963 – Sept 15 2005.
By Richard A Scott.

Randy Lee Prinslow, Born February 27, 1963 in Silverton, Ore. He was raised in Keizer, Or. Randy died in his home on Sept., 15, 2005 from liver failure in Portland, OR. at the age of 42. Randy graduated from McNary High School in Keizer, OR. Randy received an AA Degree in Graphic Arts from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR. He also received a BA degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon. He was a librarian for the Multnomah County Library at the time of his passing. Randy’s passion from his youngest days was drawing. He eventually developed his skills in comics. Some of his works included: Psychic Stripper, Shadow Fool, Stinky Wizzileteats and the Batmaniacs Index (Batman was Randy’s favorite character). He was an illustrator for the second incarnation of “Science Fiction Review.” He had several showings of his art in Portland. He was a collector of music, comics and related memorabilia.

Friday, September 16, 2005
By Uncle Flod
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Mortality SUCKS!

Thoughts: The biggest loss….

I lost my best friend yesterday, and I still am in a state of shock as I write this.

Randy Lee Prinslow was actually more than a friend to me. He was my inspiring force, my co-creator and my evil twin. And he was my brother, not in blood but in mind and creativity.

Randy was the creator of Psychic Stripper, co-creator of our bizarre character(s) The Basher Boys From East Berlin, my best writer for my book HMM? (‘Twas HE responsible for the Batman article…not Kane!) and never got a chance to finish his own books The Shadowfool and Killer Kat. Randy never really pursued the same self publishing avenues that I did. He was always the individual creator, concentrating on his art and never really developing a plan for it.

Up until a couple of years ago he was involved in the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronisms that I liked to call the Semi Conscious Adventurers , a group dedicated to the preservation of living in medieval times. I would always make fun of the group but appreciated Randy’s dedication to the House Daos (one of the branches of the SCA). He took me to many a great party and many a lame one put on by these people. I was never really into the group, and maybe that’s why Randy hung out with them less and less.

I talked to Randy a few weeks ago, and the last couple of times we spoke he mentioned his health only in passing, said he had trouble with his liver and that he was on medication so I figured he had it under control and I didn’t worry too much. We were scheduled to share a table at the Stumptown show October 1st, and again I mocked him as I always did because here I was frantically getting ready to have a full table of t-shirts,comics, zines and other stuff and when I asked Randy what he is placing on HIS table (I got us a table and a half…Randy got the half), all he said was a few prints and a mailing list. I was to stay at Randy’s the night before and then we would go to the show together. The last time I tried to stay the night at Randy’s his sister passed away from cancer…so he did it to me again. That was the sign of TRUE friendship, I would diss him and he would diss me…and we both knew it was all in fun, so no one got hurt. We both respected each other’s creativity and talent so we worked well together. The best example of this is from HMM? #1. Randy wrote a fake ad where you could own your own dead celebrity, and since he was a HUGE pop culture junkie (moreso than me…Randy could tell you ANYTHING you wanted to know when it came to just about anything…he loved pop culture!), he picked one of his idols Jack Lord. He gave me the text and I turned it into a franklin mint type ad and the result was beautiful….twisted, but beautiful. That’s how we worked so well, we definitely played off each other.

Luckily I have alot of the Prinslow artwork in my possession and once I fix my computer (it’s not reading some discs), I’ll be putting out a tribute book or prints for my pal. He deserved alot more exposure than he got, but luckily I was fortunate to get stuff from him for HMM?, both Altered Fates Yearbooks and Sgt. Roadkil’s Fanboy Journal. I’m keeping Randy’s table for Stumptown and in honor, I’ll try and print up some of his pieces and of course, there will be a mailing list.

Randy’s liver gave out Wednesday evening I guess. Luckily through the internet I was able to get a number for his sister, his closest relative and she gave me the lowdown. Apparently Randy was sicker than he let on, he had been hospitalized 2 or 3 times, once with internal bleeding that took the doctors 24 hours to stop. But as he was getting weaker, he was still the same old Randy, always joking and making people laugh right up to the end. Apparently somewhere along the way he also caught HIV, which was almost as much as a shock to me as his death, because we always kidded Randy about not having a girlfriend or trying to break up with any that he DID have. True, he was a cad, but never really did much with the ladies…only having the occasional “con fling” here and there. Somewhere though, it caught up with him and may have contributed to his demise.

I’m still not believing it, but reality has to set in and I must carry on. It’s so damned hard to lose someone and right now I can barely see the keys in front of me I’m crying so hard….guess I needed that though…gotta clean out the ducts. The Show Must Go On….this one’s for you Randy, ’cause I KNOW you’re getting a kick out of this somewhere…you bastard! (oh, and don’t worry…that’s my pet name for him…and he knows it).


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