We have a Molly-shaped hole in our hearts

On March 26, 2021 our beloved Zealous Apostle, Red Molly the Black, passed after a very brief battle with a surprise cancer. The wound is so raw that it’s still hard to even talk about. We will forever miss you, our beautiful friend.

In the Halls of the Saints

a story by Eden the Mad

The fierce red headed quiz mistress found herself in a white room, confused as to how she got there. Looking around she spotted the Paladin, waiting for her with a sad smile on his gruff and kindly face. He greets her “FUCK. I didn’t expect to see anyone here so soon. Most especially not you.”

She is overjoyed to see her friend again and springs forward and gives him a big hug. Then she steps back, confused, “wait… How are you here? You were….” she trails off. His expression gets sadder and he hugs her again. “Yes. I am. And I am sadder than you can know to see you here too.”

Her expression changes to one of alarm “I can’t! I’m not ready! My children need me! I’ve got so much left to do!” He takes her by the hand and leads her to the door “you have raised two capable and talented people. It will be hard for them, yes, but through your example, forethought and planning for every contingency they will be okay. Your time there is done. Come I have someone I want you to meet.”

He leads her through the door and in the next room are people feasting and drinking and making merry. He leads her to a long table where a long-haired fool lounges  in leaped print underwear. The fool takes one look at the quizmistress and perks up “hey! Ever heard of Barbarella?” The quizmistress quips back “did you know that Barberella was the first science fiction hero from comics to be adapted into a feature film?”.  “GROOVY” responds the fool and pats the bench beside him, “you can sit next to me! I can tell we’re going to be friends.” The quizmistress gives him a look from the corner of her eyes but sits, the paladin sitting across from her. The fool looks between them and inquires “well what do we do now?”. Out of a pocket dimension the quizmistress pulls out a white box with gems painted on it. “Let me teach you a little game called Splendor…”

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