Sep 29 2016

Votes & Upcoming Book of Daos

Congratulations (?!) to Cardinal Sin’s officers for 2016/2017:

Eden the Mad – Grand Inquisitor
Irina – Chancellor
Abd al-Eren – Castellan

Officers, please select your sub-officers!

Hey members, Belsac is working on the 3rd revision of the Book of Daos. Want to get your (funny, not terribly long and easy to act out) stories into the newest book? Please send them to him before December.

Sep 29 2016

Welcome Traveler!

House Daos is generally described as a group of people whom like doing things together and are bound by activity, but not by politics, theology or law. We are women and men of characters. Some of us are parents, some of us are couples, all are individuals with a voice… often a vice, or device. Or two.

We write plays, play video games, play RPGs and board/card/dice games, invent games, share ideas, drink (copiously), we create costumes and events, go to conventions, throw (sometimes elaborate) parties, have house meetings, drink more, we time-travel, cook, invent, perform plays, act silly in public and privately, we discuss everything imaginable and pontificate on art, music and movies We’ve been known to ridicule people. We camp outdoors with SCA and by ourselves, we fence, playfight and occasionally ride on each others backs with squeaky weapons. We are comprised of artists, costumers, seamsters and seamstresses, musicians, performers, brewers, artisans, carpenters, painters, designers, programmers, engineers and I think we have an accountant.

We don’t LARP. We will never LARP. LARP is dumb.  Some do, however, drink Mt. Dew and cast Magic Missile into the darkness. Weekly.

We are located in the Pacific Northwest, Mainly in Portland, Oregon, though we have a few Northern members in Seattle, Washington and members down south in Medford, Oregon and LA, California.

Our mission? Some would say it’s to have a good time, and harm none. At least not permanently. Though a few of us have failed in that mission. With the scars to prove it.

Our quest? Some holy grail I imagine. I’ll raise the question at the next meeting.

We’re constantly in the process of updating the web site, some old things might be missing, some new things might be confusing.

Please report bugs in the comments here: BUG REPORTS. Thanks!

Interested in learning more? Contact your local representative or post a comment.

—Web Overlord.

Aug 14 2016

2016/17 is the year of Sin!

Congratulations to our newest Prophet, Cardinal Sin! This makes his second time as Prophet (glutton for punishment).

He ran a successful campaign promising us

“More Sin in 2016!”

Who can resist that??

Feb 8 2016

The 2016 Event Season

Hey there Daos & Friends! We have selected our 2016 Official House Event list, and are working on some exciting entertainments for everyone. Without further adieu, here is the list:

Official Household Events:
Egils: Memorial Day weekend
Activities – Midnight Mass at 11, Prophet’s Invitational Tablero Tourney, Minion Graduation Ceremony (Trystom is turning 18!)
A Game of Thrones and Stormgods: July 22-24
Activities – Giant Jenga (now with better instructions!), Saturday Morning Pauper’s Breakfast
Bunghole (private household event)
Autumn War: August 19-22
Activities – Midnight Mass, Possible Play
September Crown: September 2-5, Hood River
Activities – Household Feast!

Other Events You Might Find a Daos:
Founding Revel: Feb 20 feast
Courtesan Carnival: Feb 27
Norwescon: March 24-27
Bar Gamels: April 15-17
Honey War: July 8-10
Activity – Mira and Lisa will be doing a dance class in camp

Aug 6 2014

Congratulations Members

Congratulations to all of our members who have successfully completed their various ceremonies and inquisitions to gain another rank in House Daos! We would not be 21 years and going strong if it wasn’t for all of your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm for our great household!

Jul 24 2013

Can you believe we are 20?!

In 2013 House Daos turned 20! Next year we will be legal to drink! Woo!

It has been an amazing year filled with fantastic friends and family. In May we celebrated our official 20 Year Reunion Event at Egils where we had over 37 Daos including some of our Founders, long-time Active Members, New Members, Inactive Members who traveled from other states and Former Members who returned to celebrate with us. And for the first time in Daos history we created a Minion Order, and welcomed into the House our member’s children!

This year we have also had a record number of Initiations and welcomed in: Red Molly, Jim, Esther & Frank as well as our new Minions – Eleanor, William, Fisher, Rhys, Oliviah, Trystom, George and Rissa. 

Other activities that we have done this year is “The Sound of Daos”, a musical by Irena; a Zealot Race wherein we acted out parts of the Book of Daos; a Midnight Mass featuring a naughty story of Winnie the Pooh and the Viking as well as a segment with the Rev Jimmy Lovejoy; an Inquisition; and a Anarchy Tablero Tournament.  Happily the year isn’t over yet and we still have Bunghole, our private household event; Jimtoberfest, a non-costumed camping event and a Daos-wedding between Eden and Michael.

2013 is a great year!

Sep 15 2005

Randy Lee Prinslow (1963-2005)

Rest In Peace Brother. We miss you.

Randy Lee Prinslow Febuary 27, 1963 – Sept 15 2005.
By Richard A Scott.

Randy Lee Prinslow, Born February 27, 1963 in Silverton, Ore. He was raised in Keizer, Or. Randy died in his home on Sept., 15, 2005 from liver failure in Portland, OR. at the age of 42. Randy graduated from McNary High School in Keizer, OR. Randy received an AA Degree in Graphic Arts from Chemeketa Community College in Salem, OR. He also received a BA degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon. He was a librarian for the Multnomah County Library at the time of his passing. Randy’s passion from his youngest days was drawing. He eventually developed his skills in comics. Some of his works included: Psychic Stripper, Shadow Fool, Stinky Wizzileteats and the Batmaniacs Index (Batman was Randy’s favorite character). He was an illustrator for the second incarnation of “Science Fiction Review.” He had several showings of his art in Portland. He was a collector of music, comics and related memorabilia.

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